Viole appears to appreciate the brand new stamina one Ha Jinsung provided your, no matter if it was not according to the best of circumstances

Viole appears to appreciate the brand new stamina one Ha Jinsung provided your, no matter if it was not according to the best of circumstances

After Viole’s brief coma following their conflict which have Rachel, Ha Jinsung attempts to continue Viole from the Heck Illustrate, dreading having Viole’s safeguards is always to the guy face others Slayer Applicant reported to be on board. Immediately after Viole renders their attention obvious locate on the teach, Ha Jinsung attempts to make him stand by the push, it is outwitted from the Khun’s bundle in which he begrudgingly accepts his pupil’s decision.

In the an excellent flashback, it’s been found you to Hwa Ryun shall be vicious/useful to Baam (restarting brand new fatal/training brick golem) on account of the girl highest standards

With the Viole’s prevent out-of things, he generally seems to value Ha Jinsung a great deal, getting in touch with your teacher even with his make an effort to hop out FUG.

Whenever Viole reaches title Search Route and purchases Kaiser’s label, Ha Jinsung pays 10 mil points to get Kaiser’s name and you can says you to ten mil affairs are not this much to possess providing his dearest college student, Viole. He together with adds that he’s perhaps not one preserving Kaiser, however, FUG’s goodness, and this refers to Viole.

In the event the Heck Instruct gets to the past Route, and you can Zahard’s Armed forces comes to recapture Regulars toward Heck Train, Ha Jinsung blocks Kallavan’s method of getting on the history route and you may even after Kallavan’s daunting fuel, the guy won’t stop even after having his give forgotten following stabbed from the Maschenny’s spear, actually using the history regarding his power in an attempt to avoid him or her. Kallavan teleports to the past station and you will tells Viole you to Ha Jinsung have to be dry, and Viole are overloaded having suffering more his master’s apparent passing and you may starts fighting Kallavan. Viole keeps on assaulting Kallavan, while it’s clear you to definitely Kallavan was far too powerful, in the event the guy works out running aside as the Karaka told your that in the event the Viole will not run away however, rating captured, Ha Jinsung’s compromise might be with the nothing. Even today, Baam wants so you’re able to rescue their mentor out of Zahard’s Military.

Hwa Ryun: “Currently” a member of FUG. Really the only communications they had in part I found myself for the Crown Games, during which Hwa Ryun got disguised herself among the Regulars having a purpose. Whenever she made an effort to assault Rachel, Baam got this new attack and the shinsu around your did actually lash away at Hwa Ryun in an instant. The latest attack slashed this lady cover-up by 50 percent and grievously injured the lady vision. She actually is afterwards viewed that have an enthusiastic eyepatch for the rest of this new show, although it appears that she does not wait facing Baam. She later revealed that it absolutely was compliment of the woman pointers one FUG were able to affect Baam towards the as Viole. Whether or not their discussion that have your helps it be unclear even though she support him around FUG’s instructions, or a wants of her own; together answering inside unknown styles whenever asked.

She is as well as one of the first to refer to help you your because “my jesus”, although it is in a charming way rather than the reverence other FUG professionals say they having

To some extent II the two of them have become better, Hwa Ryun acts as Baam’s Publication with the hope one Baam increases sufficiently strong to one date destroy Zahard. She usually manipulates personal members of Group Tangsooyook in a sense one to professionals Baam, particularly when FUG players grabbed Viole behind their back and she told Khun on precisely what got occurred so you’re able to Viole thus he would check out the Working area Race. Hwa Ryun opinions Viole as the girl God including an effective guy. It is not familiar whether she mode he’s person as the Part We to be able to protect his friends otherwise whether or not she was striking towards the him by calling him the woman son. She and generally seems to thought highly out-of Viole concise away from providing him the newest Thorn and you will providing him or her victory the fresh Tournament. Viole generally seems to maintain the girl a lot, is crazy when Reflejo implies that he has removed the woman hostage and you can defeated their.

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